1. How long does it take to set a Sleeping Bubble up?

Sleeping Bubbles are easy to assemble. They take between 30-45 minutes to set up, dependant on your experience.

2. How does the Sleeping Bubble stay inflated?

A silent blower is used to maintain the pressure on your tent.

3. Does the silent blower run constantly?


4. Is the blower safety compliant?

Yes, our blowers are Ce & CI Certified.

What is the voltage of the blower?

110V-120V & 220V-240V – 80w . This is suitable for the United Kingdom. For international requirements please contact our technicians.

5. How much energy is required to run the blower?

Our silent blowers are very economic. Using the blower is equivalent to using a household appliance.

6. What is the air quality like inside the tent?

The total volume of air inside your tent is replaced 6-7 times per hour. This means that you will enjoy quality air.

7. Do windows fog?

No. The constant flow of air maintains a comfortable climate and no condensation forms.

8. Will the sun affect the tent?

No. the tent is made from a material that is not affected by the sun.

9. How do you clean the tent?

We recommend using soap and water. NO chemicals are needed to clean your tent.

10. Can I customise my tent?

Our Sleeping Bubbles are fully customisable. Adding furniture and even a bathroom is possible! We can even help you to assemble and install your tent (charges apply)

11. What material is used to make the Sleeping Bubbles? Are they safety compliant?

Sleeping Bubbles are made from PVC or Oxford. They are waterproof and fireproof.

12. Do they come with a warranty?

A 14 months warranty is included with all our tents. If your tent is damaged due to negligence there will be a charge for repairs.

14. What are the delivery times?

Our tents come with free standard delivery inside the UK. If your item is in stock please allow around 5-7 working days for delivery. Please call us if you are in a rush and we'll try to get it to you sooner. For bulking purchase allow 30-45 days for production and delivery.

For international shipping, allow 7-25 working days for delivery. Please contact us, if your country is not shown on our delivery locations list.

15. What else comes with Sleeping Bubbles?

Your tent will come complete with a heavy-duty storage bag, repair kit and blower.

16. Where can I use my Sleeping Bubble?

Sleeping Bubbles can be used for camping trips or installed in a home garden for a unique space to relax or entertain. They make fantastic pop up event spaces and glamping businesses.

17. What is the minimum space required to install a tent?

The minimum size required is 40m2 for a 4m diameter tent and 50m2 for a 5m diameter tent.